Advertising Week: The Island of Misfit Toys

The VCU Brandcenter is a bit like the Island of Misfit Toys – but then, so is advertising, right?

This summer, I had the good fortune to work in the same office as now-full-time artist, Mike Shine, who whether he knew it or not, offered me a new perspective on what makes an ‘ad man’ – and no, it’s not Don Draper.

So who are these misfits? Find out after the jump to Advertising Week!


An Awesome PSA…Oxymoron? I Think Not.

The Melbourne Metro train system tasked McCann Australia with creating a train safety PSA. Pretty boring topic, right? Well, the outcome was anything but. And really, barring Smokey the Bear (and Nancy Reagan? I’m not sure, these are before my time), when was the last time a PSA stopped you in your tracks (no pun intended)?  Featuring adorable cartoons and hilarious lyrics, McCann created a Feistian (like Faustian? I suppose I shouldn’t have to explain my wordplay..I digress) jingle that translated perfectly to a “dumb ways to die” Tumblr page. So without further ado, “don’t do any of these OK? especially the train ones.”

In other exciting news, I’m going to be blogging for the Advertising Week Social Club! Keep an eye out for future #AWSC posts, and be sure to check out the AWSC website (and their social media pages) for great insights from professionals and students alike!