The Power of Social Media

Tonight I had the worst pizza of any pizza, well, quite possibly ever.
Certainly the first dining experience I can recall where the food was truly inedible.

Not a fun start to my evening, suffice it to say. 

But being the social media maven I’d like to pretend I am, I took a page out of Todd Strobel’s book and directed a strongly worded letter tweet to the home of the aforementioned pizza.

With an assist from fellow Skillshare enthusiast @vanevela, I was able to catch their attention.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 7.57.01 PM

For a local suburban pizza shop, their response was impressive. Thoroughly apologetic, timely.
A few DMs later and I’ve got a refund and a free pizza of my choice.

Not that I’m too thrilled about taking them up on that offer, but it’s all about the gesture.

Seriously, though; this is a great example of a brand using social media to remedy transgressions, to respond to and engage with their customers in real time, and to practice quality customer service.

Well done, Old Town Pizza of Orland Park; just not so much with the pizza.


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