Clever Creative: Wsh Ewe Wre Ere

As I’m planning my spring break trip to Florida literally as we speak (using Orbitz — oops), this is all too appropriate.

Paired with Expedia, Ogilvy & Mather, London put together an altogether brilliant print campaign consisting of various combinations of three-letter airport codes.

Campaign creators Jon Morgan and Mike Watson told Creative Review:

It all started when we saw a woman walking through Heathrow with the word FUK hanging from her suitcase. Turned out she’d just flown in from Fukuoka in Japan. That got us thinking, ‘maybe there are more’. We trawled through each and every [there are over 9,000 airports with unique codes] one looking for useable words, half-words and ‘almost words’. It’s amazing what the brain pieces together and makes sense of.

This is one of the most cleverly creative campaigns I’ve seen as of late, spot on for the client.
Have a look below:


2 Comments on “Clever Creative: Wsh Ewe Wre Ere”

  1. These are the best campaigns – the ones that are so brilliantly clever you can’t believe nobody has done it before.

    On a juvenile side note, I’m hoping they incorporated Sioux City (SUX).

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