Budweiser. Magic. Hockey.

This is quite possibly the best thing I have ever seen.

A couple of rec league hockey teams were told they were being filmed as part of a documentary. I don’t know much about rec league hockey, but I’m imagining beer league softball.

There was no documentary.

Instead, Budweiser (with the help of Anomaly NYC) created a flash mob of sorts, mimicking a professional game atmosphere. Announcers, thundersticks, mascots, cheerleaders, confetti…the whole shebang.

You can see the emotion on the players faces – shocked by the drastic change in atmosphere – and that emotion translated to a level of intensity that I’m sure none of these regular joes ever imagined themselves playing in.

I know I love hyperbole, but this is amazing on Budweiser’s part. Especially when hockey fans – some of the most passionate fans out there – are missing the NHL. Without exaggeration, what a stunt! One of the best of the year.


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