Air France Hits the Skies in a Whole New Way

Let me preface this post by sharing this gem of a live recording of one of my favorite songs, because the topic hereafter brought it to mind:

Are you playing it? It’s pretty awesome, huh? Anyways, with Lucy as a soundtrack, let’s talk about Air France. They just launched an app with Paris-based agency BETC Worldwide which turns your phone into “song-seeking radar.”

This is interactive at its best. Just point your phone to the sky – where handpicked tunes have been scattered across the globe. Aim at a song to unlock it and add it to a playlist; the songs change in every country, so if you’re a globetrotter, you can build up quite a nice collection.

The airline has had its own music service since 2010, allowing passengers to create custom playlists of new and unreleased (admittedly, Indie-leaning) songs. With artists like M83, Cults, and The Roots scattered across the sky, the trend continues.

As an added perk, there’s even a hidden game component. Play the game and win prizes…as long as you catch it first!


This is one of the best applications of digital I’ve seen. If you read my blog, you know I love Heineken, and this follows suit. The interactive nature of the app, along with killer music partnerships, is a treat for consumers and drives serious (and valuable) engagement with the brand.


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