Heineken is my favorite brand. Here’s why:

I’ve said it before. Heineken is one of, if not the, smartest brands around. They use every possible medium, and they do it in a fun, memorable way. Sure, it’s my favorite beer too, but I don’t think that clouds my judgment in this case.

A while back, I talked about a few of their most innovative activations. And now they’re at it again; this time, with a theatric ad that leads to an online game called Crack the Case. The premise is basically this: James Bond doesn’t always drink beer, but when he does it’s a Heineken.

The campaign, produced by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, features an intriguing male lead (not to mention a spot appearance by Bond himself), a track in Gin Wigmore’s “Man Like That” that matches the energy, drives the story, and complements the idea, and a great tagline in “Open Your World.”

Not only have they hit the spot itself on the head, but the branded game, “Crack the Case,” which promises to be played live in a city near you, provides yet another unique example of Heineken innovating in the social and digital space.



One Comment on “Heineken is my favorite brand. Here’s why:”

  1. […] is one of the best applications of digital I’ve seen. If you read my blog, you know I love Heineken, and this follows suit. The interactive nature of the app, along with killer music partnerships, is […]

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