Digital Playgrounds

Everyone needs to visit Google’s Creative Sandbox. I mean it, right now.

Get inspired by the digital work of others — and share your own great ideas.

That’s the idea of the Creative Sandbox. At Google, we’re amazed by how the ad industry is using new digital tools to bring brands and ideas to life. That’s why we’ve created a space where everyone can see this insanely great work, talk about it, and roll around in it like a big happy dog.

The Creative Sandbox is a place to flash your brilliance, spark new digital ideas, inspire and be inspired.

As with any sandbox, looking and playing are required. Vote to push your favorite projects to the top. Tell other creators what you love, admire, or just can’t believe.

That’s Google’s spiel. And it’s ingenious. Click into the first campaign that catches your eye – for me, it was this BAND-AID & Muppets pairing (kids today are so technologically advanced!) – and you’ll see a quick video, the motives and ideas behind the project, the technology that inspired and drove the campaign, “what makes (the campaign) a win,” and finally, the creative agency and team behind the project.

Here’s another of my favorites from Grolsch Beer and Beattie McGuiness Bungay:

All of the campaigns featured on Creative Sandbox bring digital to life in a big way and make me envious of the talent of creative technologists everywhere.

I hope agencies, especially stateside,  take Google’s initiative and use the Sandbox as a way to inspire and innovate. Leaders like JWT and Ogilvy & Mather are already taking advantage, with a lot of great work making its way to the Google platform. Regardless, Creative Sandbox is (if you’re anything like me) a haven for ad junkies, not to mention an educational tool.

Speaking of awesome creative technologists, someone at Myspace is doing everything right. Yes, Myspace, your favorite social network of, give or take, 6th grade. Still a player in the music game, Myspace – taking its cues from Pinterest and Windows 8 – is rolling out a fresh, original, and according to Ad Age, sexy redesign.

Now owned by an ad network and backed by Justin Timberlake, I have to admit this looks good – and does in fact make Facebook look like it was designed by a kid in a college dorm room. Gratuitous pics of JT aside, it will be interesting to see whether Myspace can capitalize.


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